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I’m totally not making up the numbers on that particular statement. That number is backed up by the third annual Burson-Marsteller Global Social Media Check-Up study released just recently. The study tracked and analyzed the social media activities of the top 100 corporations of the world from the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. These top 100 companies are indexed in the Fortune Global 100 list and include luminaries as Ford, Honda, Walmart, Sony, Samsung and many other iconic brands.

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What Does The Study Show?

The results of the annual study conducted by Burson-Marsteller revealed 4 essential findings:

  1. The percentage of Fortune Global 100 companies utilizing social media platforms have continuously increased in 2 years’ time, 2010-2012.
  2. The commonly used social media platforms by large corporations are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.
  3. Twitter has the highest popularity among the Fortune Global 100 companies with 82% of them embracing the social network.
  4. Every company receives the highest number of social mentions from Twitter – an average of 55,970 a month.

Twitter Is The Driver Of Online Conversation

Make that Twitter is the number one driver of online conversation. Period. These large companies got the most social mentions from Twitter users compared to other networks. This means Twitter is the biggest platform that generates them the most number of opportunities to interact with consumers.

Twitter has been the signature driver of online conversation because of its unique features not found anywhere else. For example, hashtags organizes conversations into channels making it possible for others to monitor and tweet in about a certain topic. It makes a great discovery resource too! How many of us have come across cool finds in the form of interesting people tweeting about the hottest topic on the web.

Due to its brevity-driven style, the site became home to real time updates touching on a wide array of topics from what one’s having for lunch to the by-the-minute news reporting from first-hand witnesses of events and happenings.

Twitter For Small Businesses


twitter branding

One of the most important lessons gleaned from this year’s Burson-Marsteller study is that now’s the right time for businesses, regardless of size, to become deeply involved with social media engagement.

I’d like to place special emphasis on small businesses and growing brands. Do not feel intimidated by the numbers of social media mentions gathered by these giant brands but instead focus on the fact that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are the biggest platforms where interactions happen. It means this is where people are and this is where you’d likely scout your next customers, clients or partners – whoever you are looking for. Start tapping on this huge reservoir of people and build your own community that your brand can converse and interact with. Success doesn’t have to be in a large scale as with these titan corporations. A small business with a significant Twitter following made up of people interested in your niche, that is, your target market, has a very good chance of having its business goals met.

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