3 Simple Tricks To Escape From Noise In Twitter

Twitter is considered not just a simple social networking site but a place where to find valuable information like news updates. When it is your first time to join twitter, the very first thing that will come into your mind is to get twitter followers for a better twitter experience. The more twitter followers you get the more information you will earn, especially when you are a marketer.

In spite of this fact, there is something most users hate about twitter, the noisiness. Some twitter users are making twitter as the place of “too much information (TMI)”, some people are not aware of what they are sharing, they are not conscious enough to evaluate that they were already sharing too much, making the place very noisy.

Do you want some silence? Here are few tricks how to make twitter less noisy. From www.mediabistro.com

Filter the tweets by creating lists

You can free yourself from unwanted and irrelevant tweets by creating lists of your interest. Familiarize yourself with Twitter lists and create your own like a list of influencers in your market, your favorite celebrities, politicians, authors, musicians, and more.

When you create a list you only receive tweets, specifically from those people and nothing else, so you don’t have to suffer about unrelated topics that most users are fond of.

Turn off hashtags

Indeed, hashtags is an important feature in organizing conversation but remember it’s not all the time that you are a part of the talk, which is sometimes very annoying. If you find yourself frustrated in receiving updates about conferences you don’t care about, the best solution is to turn off the hashtags.

If you are having trouble in blocking hashtags you may use a third-party tool like Proxlet. This tool is capable of blocking apps, mute users, and filter tags on twitter temporarily. Proxlet supported clients like TweetDeck Desktop, Twitter for iPhone, Twidroyd, Seesmic for Android, Spaz. It is also capable in blocking overly-chatty apps from spamming your twitter timeline.

Create saved searches

Twitter always suggests its motto “follow your interests” to its users. Some users, especially newbies are fond of exploring and trying everything they found. They tend to follow everything that meets their eye, even though it has nothing to do with them and this cause noise in the long run.

The best way to run out from noise is to create saved searches. When you do this all the searches, you define will return in real-time with all the tweets, by doing this also you have a complete control over the tweets you want to see.

Visit Twitter’s advanced search page to input keywords that you want to “listen to.” You may also define whether you want that the result will include links, questions, and any other parameters.

These are among the effective tricks you can do on twitter to escape from the noisy crowd. The network gives you the full privilege to look over your profile and works what you think best for you.

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